Experiments in a Virtual 3D Environment
With Prometheus Virtual Science Lab, teachers and professors can direct students through simulations of experiments they would otherwise need a full lab to experience. It is also easy for students to repeat labs to ensure they have a full understanding of the concepts they are exploring in the classroom – covering general science, biology, chemistry and physics.

Our Virtual Science Lab provides students with a full experience that includes safety requirements, step-by-step guidance, and assessment. Regardless of whether the Prometheus Virtual Lab is being used to supplement online or classroom learning, or if they are used to replace the high cost of multiple hands-on experiments, our expanding library of experiments will satisfy your needs.

Please contact us directly to learn more about our library of experiments or to request a quotation.

Features of the Prometheus Virtual Science Lab
- Expanding library of fully customizable experiments
- Instruction and support materials available in English and Arabic
- Immersive 3D simulation of a realistic lab setting
- Easy LMS integration